fonte do ouro


Nuno Cancela de Abreu was born into a family with over 130 years of farming tradition, in a property located in the wine region of Dão. Nuno is representative of the 4th generation of the Cancela de Abreu family. Despite his |high academic background, the influence of his family was the key element in pursuing a career in winemaking. It was in the harvest of 2010 that he decided to dedicate all his experience in viticulture and winemaking exclusively to the Boas Quintas project in order to develop it in a sustainable way. In 1991, a new vineyard was planted and the brands "Quinta da fonte do Ouro" and "Quinta da Giesta" were born. Nuno is always striving for initiatives that will allow him to create high quality wines with distinctive character and personality.

DÃo Region


Dão is situated in the Região Demarcada do Dão with the Dão-Lafõessub region of the Centro, Portugal. It is one of the oldest established wine regions in Portugal. Dão wine is produced in a mountainous region with a temperate climate, in the area of the Rio Mondego and Dão rivers in the north central region of Portugal. The region became a Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC) appellation in 1990. The Dão region is the origin of the Touriga Nacional vine that is the principal component of Porto wine