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The family name comes from the small city of Moelln in northern Germany, deriving from the word “Burgomestre,” meaning head of the municipality. At the end of the 18th century, the company was dissolved and Henry Burmester Jr. established a new port wine company alongside his two sons, Frederick and Edward—H. Burmester & Sons. In 2005, the Sogevinus–Fine Wines Group acquired the Burmester Company, continuing the tradition of producing Porto wines of excellence. Our mission is to ensure leadership in terms of quality, with Burmester investing in the high quality of its wines, continuing the tradition that has been followed throughout its 250-year history.

This wild and beautiful part of northern Portugal offers extraordinarily good conditions for wine grapes on the steeply shelved slopes of the River Douro, hill after hill stretching off to the horizon with narrow roads winding around their contours. Here, the vine terraces bask in the sun that provides ideal climatic conditions, heating the pure schist and granite soil that is typical within this region. Life is not so easy for Douro winegrowers though; the vine roots are forced down between layers of rock seeking out the limited water, while schist absorbs and then radiates heat. For centuries, Douro growers have been supplying an eager world with Port. Now wine experts the world over recognize that the Douro region also offers ideal conditions for making unfortified wines of the highest quality, both red and white. Producers here are crafting stunning and highly distinctive wines that rank amongst Portugal’s most intense and complex.